Track: The Traveller
Album: Breaking our Way (Track 11)
Date Recorded: 02/12/05

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He steps into the smokey bar
Everyone's eyes fixed on him.
No one knows where he has come from
And no one knows where he has been.

He got in to town just today
He came in on the 9:25
Found himself a place to stay
He was alone when he arrived.

He sees the piano and sits down
The people go quiet and stare at him.
He pauses for a moment and looks around
And then he starts to sing.

I am just a travelling man
Blown about on the wind
I sing to you of places far from here
All the places I have seen.

I've seen it all
The pyramids, the Chinese wall,
The Sahara and Amazon
I'll just keep moving on.

I am just a travelling man...

The people fill their glasses one more time
As the traveller plays on
Listen as he catches another line
Before he travels on.
He'll just keep travelling on.

Because I struggle to think of things to write words about sometimes, I like to think of characters and sing about them instead. I envisage this guy as a travelling busker, staying in one place while he earns enough money to travel on - and in so doing he is able to travel the world and see the sights.

Perhaps it's a bit of a silly, romantic notion, but it appeals to me - so I've written a few songs about him. I used the tune to one of those songs for "Dissaption 3".