Track: Passing Time
Album: This Feeling (Track 2)
Date Recorded: 31/12/04

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Well I sat myself down by the side of the train track
Thinking of what had been and looking back
Cause I'd lost the sweetest girl I ever knew
I was sitting there feeling pretty blue.

When a guy came up to me and said, "Son don't look so sad
I'll show you the finest time that you have ever had"
And he pulled a book from his pocket, and I swear that this is true
It was called "Passing Time in the Loo"

Well I flicked through the pages and I started to read
And he said "Son now you see what I mean
You can read about Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Beethoven too
All from the comfort of your very own loo."

Stormy weather closing in on me
Oh and grey clouds are all I can see
But baby, I think that you will find
Life is so much simpler, when you are passing time

Well I never knew where that guy came from or even knew his name
But he changed my life for good just the same
So whenever you are down, or you're feeling a little blue
Just go and pass some time on the loo.

Well perhaps you think my subject matter is a little strange
Or you're just sitting there thinking, "Well this guy is derranged."
And although that may be completely true
I know you secretly enjoy passing time on the loo.

I was trying to watch a film to take things off my mind
I was trying to write a song but I couldn't think of a decent line
But now I've got this book it always seems to pull me through
And it's called "Passing Time in the Loo"

I was trying to watch...

This song is about the book "Passing Time in the Loo". I discovered it at a friend's house (while seated on the throne) and started to read - quickly realised what a marvel of publishing it is. So much so, that I sat down to write a song about it.

The words came pretty easily (think of how many things rhyme with "loo" and you start to get the idea). I did originally think of a guitar solo as well, and recorded it - but I'm glad that I left it out now.

Thus far, this is the only one my songs that I've performed singing - although I have played a number of instrumental pieces that you'll find on this site.