Track: Ploughshares and Pruning Hooks
Album: This Feeling (Track 7)
Date Recorded: 20/01/05

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The summer sun and the gentle rain
Falling around this place
There's no need to hurry, no need to rush
Just take life at your own pace.

Well I sit in quiet contemplation
Of everything that's been.
All the things that the year had brought
And all the things we've seen.

So give me ploughshares and pruning hooks
Cause we've seen all this before
Well is this the time that sense forsook?
Just learn war no more.

Well we live in a time of bureaucracy gone mad
Can't you see what we're doing here?
This is the darkest hour democracy has had
And it's painfully clear.

I would march on Whitehall if I thought it would
Do me any good,
But they'll never see what's in front of them
Never see the things they should.

So give me ploughshares and pruning hooks...

Religious music. While I enjoy listening to music that other Christadelphians have written in praise to God or about their beliefs, I have never been too sure about writing some myself, for several reasons.

This is the closest that I have come though - taking a theme from Isaiah (and elsewhere in the Bible) about peace that is to come and, sadly, how the man's problems won't be resolved until God intervenes.