Track: Run Me Away
Album: This Feeling (Track 9)
Date Recorded: 28/09/04

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Time stands still for no man
That's what I always thought,
But when I'm with you the moon stops in the sky
And it's the most beautiful night.

Please don't wake me from this sweetest of dreams
I'm running from the dawn.
Is this real life? Cause that's not what it seems
Could I ask for any more?
Could I ask for any more?

Run me away and we'll find ourselves
Run me away and we'll love again
Run me away and we'll live like this
Run me away, run me away.

So sit with me underneath the sky
I'll take you by the hand
And in our minds we'll take off and fly
High over the land.

And then we'll stay forever in this dream
Safe in our own reality
When you say love now I know what that means
Until eternity
Until eternity

Run me away...