Track: Together Tonight
Album: This Feeling (Track 10)
Date Recorded: 18/01/05

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The stillness all around,
The wind passing by without a sound.
The waves lap the shore
The firelight and nothing more.

I look over your way
And in your eyes I'd glady stay
The flames jump from the sand
As I take you by the hand.

Oh what a sight
Your beautiful reflected tonight
And we'll put the world to rights
Sitting together tonight.

So as we sit and watch the sea
I know all I'll ever need to be
Is sat with you around the fire
And that is all my heart could desire.

Sweet words don't often come my way
So you know I mean it when I say
I want to stay forever with you
Until this rhapsody becomes true.

Oh what a sight...

And so the flames start to die down
Our shadows stretch out long upon the ground
So take my hand and take heart
And we need never be apart.

Oh what a sight...