Track: Wherever You Go
Album: Recordings
Date Recorded: 24/01/07

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So this is it
The night has come
When we have to say goodbye
But don't worry
It's not the end
So please wipe that tear from your eye.

And know that this is true
I'll always be thinking of you
Wherever you go
And I'll see you again sometime.

The stars are out
What a beautiful sight
Don't look ahead, enjoy tonight.
And when you're gone
I'll always write
And I'll see you again sometime.

And know that this is true...

And know that this is true...

And I promise you this
Your smile I will miss
When you're far away from here.
And I'll see you again sometime.

This is another example of a new tune to some old words. I wrote the words when I was 17, around the same time as I wrote "Think of Me". I liked the original recording, but didn't include it because I thought it sounded too much like "Think of Me" and that the latter was better.

A year or two later I was playing around with a new tune and wanted some words to put to it - so resurrected these. It's one of the most complicated tracks I've done in terms of number of tracks (2 acoustic guitar, 3 vocal and a piano track) - but I think it's one of the best I've done.