Track: Live or Die Trying
Album: Breaking our Way (Track 5)
Date Recorded: 15/09/05

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We'll live or die trying
That's what I say
You've got to wait for the cards to be dealt
Before you step up to play.

Put your faith in time
And time will bring you down
But don't worry
Cause we've got good times coming rond.

Seize the day
And we'll live or die trying.
Cause it's no good you having wings
If you don't use them for flying.

Well the grass is always greener, or so they say,
But baby you've got to make up your own mind.
But can I make it a little easier
And say we're already on the other side?

I would love to stay here forever
Stay just like this.
It's the way I feel when you look at me
And every time we kiss.

Seize the day...

Seize the day
And we'll have no tears for crying.
Now that we will live or die trying.

"Live or die trying" was a line from a song that I wrote when I was younger. Looking back I didn't think much to the song as a whole, but I still liked that lyric and decided to do something else with it. The result was this song.

I don't consider myself to be a particularly good lyricist and always find the lyrics harder to come by than the music - but I quite like these. I think they're probably some of the best I'd written.