Track: Standing in the Rain
Album: Breaking our Way (Track 8)
Date Recorded: 11/05/05

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I remember the time, you first looked at me
A big smile on your face and your eyes were filled with glee.
I remember how you used to dance across my keys
I'd play a tune for you, and you would sing for me.

And all the times, and all the places
Come flooding back to me again.
And all the names, and all the faces
But only I remain.
Those were the days, a golden age
But nothing ever stays the same.
And time catches everyone
And now I'm left standing in the rain.

Maybe I have faded as quickly as I came
I've had my time in the spotlight
My five minutes of fame.

Now I only ask that
You'll bear me in mind
Spare a thought for your old friend
The one you left behind.

And all the times...

This is about an organ - the musical, not the internal sort. For years our youth group owned an organ that we kept at the local village hall. Unfortunately a new hall committee came in and wanted to reclaim the space that the organ was occupying.

Though we searched for alternative homes for it (inlcuding charity shops) no one wanted it and we were forced to leave it at the tip. Words cannot express the inconsolable grief that I felt. My release was through music - remembering the good times ("I remember when you used to dance across my keys, I'd play a tune for you and you would sing for me") and the bad ("Spare a thought for your old friend the one you left behind").