Track: Wind in Your Hair
Album: Breaking our Way (Track 9)
Date Recorded: 02/12/05

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Get the boys together
We're going for a cruise tonight
Gonna see some action
Until the morning light.

My ride is ready
Gleaming Ferarri read
It's a racing stallion
A real thorough-bred.

Get the wind in your hair tonight
We'll drive by the starlight
And we'll set the road alight.

Get your motors running
Get your foot to the floor
Cause tonight we're gonna drive
Like we've never driven before.

Gonna burn some rubber
It's gonna be so much fun.
Turn the music up loud
As we roll into the sun.

Get the wind in your hair tonight...

This is one of those songs where the words are merely there to fill in the gaps between the solos.

I'm not particularly interested in cars or driving (evidenced by the fact that "the racing stallion" referred to in the song was my car of the time - a red Fiat Cinquecento - the sporting edition, if you please).

I wasn't sure whether to include the song on the album, I think it's one of the weaker ones, but I included it - if for nothing else - because it gives another different musical style to the album.